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Hearing Protection

Flents Foam Plug Hearing Protection

The economically priced ear plugs "let you hear" to communicate while blocking most damaging noises. These brightly colored, highly visible earplugs have a noise reduction rating of 29dB. Their hexagonal shape softens to comfortably conform to your ear canal when warmed to body temperature. Available corded or uncorded. Bulk package 200 pieces per box.

Ear Muffs

Comfortable, adjustable fit ears muffs are 22db rated for hearing protection. Great for landscaping, construction, shooting ranges and power equipment operators.

Heavy Duty Leather Palm Work Gloves w/ 2-1/2" Rubberized Safety Cuff

Decibel rating: NRR 31, Tapered fit, Non irritating, Brightly colored. Cord is secure & cleanly attached. Hygienically packaged in individual pouches.

Latex Utility Gloves

Decibel rating: NRR 31. Extra soft, low pressure foam. Tapered end for easy insertion. Shapes to fit even the smallest ear canals. Available in fun colors.