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Glove Guide

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General Patterns

Extends glove life keeping seams out of work area. Available in continuous and wing thumb. Made in leather palm and all leather.

Seams on back of glove reduce splitting. Holds work area more tightly to palm; one piece palm. Made in cotton and leather palm styles.

Gunn pattern with thumb out of side. Glove can be worn in either hand.

Cuff Styles

Knit Wrist
Provides comfort and a snug fit.

Band Top
For easy removal and good circulation.

Safety Cuff
Side slit enables wearer to throw off glove quickly.

Easy removal and holds tucked sleeve in glove.

Slip On
Easy removal.

Leather Palm Glove Features

Straight Thumb
Continuous full leather thumb. Seam around thumb.

Thumb set-in as a separated piece, positioned naturally for maximum comfort. Thumb seam is reinforced with extra stitching.

Wing Thumb
Thumb out to side. Welts added to the seams for strength.


Our cotton gloves are lightweight, durable and economical. The fabric is tightly woven to assure greater seam strength. We offer a variety of jersey gloves made for year-round use. Jersey gloves provide comfort and dexterity. Our flannel chore gloves are strong and moisture-resistant made by combining two layers of material bonded by rubber-based adhesive. We have many variations of PVC coated gloves that are waterproof, tough and flexible. Cotton gloves are also combines with leather in our leather palm gloves.


Cow Hide
Cowhide is most commonly used in our leather gloves. Cowhides are limber and strong.

Deerskin leather is soft, limber and durable. We use only premium deerskin to manufacture our work gloves.

Contains the highest natural lanolin content. Natural lanolin allows these glove to be soft, thin, pliable and durability.

Pigskin is the most economical of all hides we manufacture. Pigskin provides tough and pliability even after repeated wettings.